Home visits

Discreet home visits allow a high degree of privacy and security for clients. This service is offered for locations in London only. Typically this mode of therapy is useful for clients that are worried about attending a therapy setting. This could be due to a high profile status and/or mental health difficulties that make it hard to travel outside.

The first step is to have an initial 50 minute consultation (charged at £135) to discuss what has brought you to counselling.

How it works?

I understand that your first session can feel daunting and that taking that first step is often one of the hardest moments in your counselling journey. I am confident that we can develop a trusting and safe relationship in which you can work through many of the difficulties that you are facing in life. Your journey is something that we embark upon together.

What do you offer?

Meeting regularly, typically once per week, gives you a balance of support as well as the time to process and make sense of your growing changes and experiences. Face-to-face session last 50 minutes and my fee is £190 per session.

Note: Our first session is a 50 minute consultation and is charged at £135.

How to book

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 074 3258 9188